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    Father’s Day DIY Gift Ideas

    Need a quick do-it-yourself idea for Dad? Don’t panic – I’ve got you covered! Here are 3 of my favorite Dad DIY’s that you can make in a day!

    Locally Made Liquor Tied With A Duct Tape Bow

    These bows were crazy easy to make and are a great way to present a bottle of locally distilled liquor. Simply wrap a strip of duct tape around the width of the bottle. Then, for the bow, fold a length of tape on itself so the “sticky sides” are pressed together (mine were about 18″ long to start). Next I formed the bow and used a separate narrow strip of duct tape to hold it together. I attached the back of the bow to the strip of tape using a small piece of rolled tape.

    Sports Door Hanger

    Made with authentic baseballs and a mini bat, this door hanger is perfect for a sports fan!

    (click picture to take you to the full DIY directions!)

    Sports Beer Caddy

    Does Dad like to watch his favorite sports team’s games with friends and neighbors? Make him his own BYO beer caddy to take along with him!

    (click picture to take you to the full DIY directions!)

    Cleveland Indians Beverage Carrier

    Crap I've Made

    4 Simple Steps to Spruce Up Your Yard

    This post was sponsored by WORX Tools. All opinions are my own.

    Caring for my large family, instructing school at home, and basic every-day housekeeping tends to take up a majority of my time. I try to maintain our yard and flower beds to keep up the exterior appearance of my home, but sometimes the lawn just gets the best of me and the weeds and grass get out of hand! I decided it was time to tackle that side flower bed that has been left untended and unloved since we originally built our front porch (ahem, 4 years ago!) It’s one of those “out of sight, out of mind” spots outside my home and it was past time I gave it a little TLC. I’ve broken down my flower bed makeover in 4 simple steps.

    Step 1: Use a Landroid Cordless Robotic Lawn Mower

    I mean, a lawn mower that mows the lawn on it’s own and even returns itself to the recharging base when it’s finished? I think I’m in love! I can’t even get my kids or my husband to put their shoes away after they wear them! 

    Set-up is a breeze and took just about an hour. There’s a lot of pictures in the Quick Start Guide, which is great for me. I’m a visual learner and tend to speed through the words, not to mention there’s typically kids running all around distracting me, so the pictures were definitely my friends!

    Once we constructed the charging base or “garage” as my kids refer to it, we placed it on the side of our barn as it only receives the morning sun and was away from the play area. 

    After measuring 10” from the edge of all of our lawn and gardens, we installed the boundary wire using the stakes directly to the surface of the lawn. And thanks to the Anti-Collision System, this robo guy senses my fences and even my kids playground equipment and toys (that are typically all over the place!) He simply detects them and navigates around them. No worries about anything being run over or ruined if we forget to do a toy clean-up before mowing day!

    Step 2: Pull The Weeds

    I know there are a load of spray weed killers on the market that can be used in the garden, but I prefer a “greener” route. I use a lot of elbow grease and patience and pull the weeds out at the root. Plus, if you have little helpers, they consider this tedious chore quite fun! Just be prepared for many, many, worm and bug distractions!

    Step 3: Add Color

    These DIY Concrete Flower Blocks were the perfect way to add some visual interest and a pop of color to this flower bed without spending a lot of money on pots.

    They were fast and simple to make – in under an hour I had these adorable blocks planted and in the garden!

    Taking 5 single, clean concrete blocks, I spray painted them yellow on the 4 sides and top. I didn’t bother with the bottom as I knew that would be sitting down in the soil.

    Once dry, I filled them with potting soil and planted 3 annual flower bundles in each opening.

    Don’t forget a good, thorough watering for your newly transplanted flowers!

    Step 4: Compost Mulch

    This side garden was once full of perennials. Many of the plants were destroyed due to the construction from the porch addition. I planted some temporary blooms to the garden with annual flowers along the border until the perennials (hopefully) return to their original glory. The mulch compost adds a layer of protection against future pesky weeds and controls erosion – which is great since it’s on a bit of an incline – all while adding organic matter for good soil nutrition. Win, win, win!

    The end result is a flower bed that so many of my neighbors have complimented me on as they stroll by! It feels so good to check something off the bottom of the dreaded “To-Do” list!

    Crap I've Made

    Lace Doily Candle Bowls

    This post was sponsored by Aleene’s. All opinions are my own.

    I adore candles in my home and decor. Real, battery operated, tapered or tealight, I love ‘em all! These DIY Doily Bowls are a shabby-chic simple way to provide a gorgeous base for the candle of your choice. The warmer days have got me itching to visit the beach, and the beautifully trimmed lace doily filled with cool, white sand just screams “Boho Summer” to me. Aleene’s Premium Decoupage glue makes creating the look a breeze!

    Gather your supplies:

    Aleene’s Premium Decoupage 

    Small Craft Paint Brush or Foam Brush

    Latex Balloons (one per bowl – any color)

    Doily (paper or fabric)


    Step 1: Inflate balloon. 

    Keep in mind the size of your doily (mine are approx. 12” round) combined with the size of your balloon will dictate the size of your bowl. Tie your balloon closed and place it – tie side down – into a container to hold it steadily while you work. 

    Step 2: First glue layer.

    After deciding on your preferred finish (I used glossy for the paper doilies and matte for the fabric), apply a thin layer of glue onto your balloon with your brush making sure to place glue everywhere the doily will lay. 

    Step 3: Place doily.

    Center the middle of the doily to the top of the glue-covered balloon and gently apply.

    Step 4: Final Coat.

    Add another coat of glue on the doily. This is a slow and steady process. You don’t want to add too much at a time as it could drip over your workspace and possibly rip if you are using paper. 

    * But don’t fret! This glue cleans up easily with soap and water and is very forgiving with mistakes! If you find that you’ve ripped your paper doily, push it gently back into place with your finger and add a thin layer of glue. Adding multiple thin coats will be more beneficial than one thick coat.

    Step 5: Allow to fully dry. 

    Many factors come into play here – from humidity to glue thickness – you want to ensure they are completely dry before moving on! 

    Step 6: Pop the balloon! 

    You could always untie the knot too, but that’s no fun! Warning – sometimes when the balloon deflates, it deflates the doily along with it!

    * But don’t fret! If the glue is still tacky, it may cause the balloon to stick to the inside of the doily bowl. When the balloon deflates, the doily folds into itself too! Don’t panic! Simply remove the balloon pieces from the inside and reshape your bowl. You’ll be surprised how easily you can reshape it! You may want to let it sit a bit longer at this point just to make sure it really is fully dry before adding your filler. 

    Step 7: Add bow (optional). 

    I just love the rustic feel of twine with the delicate look of the doily!

    Step 8: Add filler. 

    I used white craft sand to complete the soft, romantic, beachy look. But you can fill them with colored sand, small pebbles, coffee beans – whatever tickles your fancy! If you didn’t quite get as much of an even coat of glue as you thought, you may notice there’s a few small openings that the filler may get through. If you choose to not use filler, place a glass dish at the bottom of the bowl to keep the wax from dripping straight onto your doily.

    *But don’t fret! A small piece of paper towel or even paper cut to size to fit in the bottom of the bowl will prevent leaking!

    Step 9: Add candle. 

    If you’re worried about the hazards of a real flame, or you are using them at a venue with candle regulations, a battery operated light would be just as stunning!

    Crap I've Made

    Crazy Cool Sunglasses

    Spruce up a pair of cheapo, plain dollar store sunglasses to make some crazy cool shades.

    All you need for these novelty glasses:

    foam shapes, felt shapes, small dinos, small plastic bugs, pom pom balls, googly eyes or whatever else you can find that can be hot glued onto the frame of your shades

    Breakfast Popsicles

    Popsicles for breakfast? Why the heck not?!


    • 2 cups vanilla yogurt or greek yogurt if you prefer
    • 1 cup flavored milk strawberry, chocolate, or regular milk depending on the flavor of your cereal
    • 1 cup dry cereal
    • 1 large banana or 2 small – banana is optional


    • Using a mixer, mix the banana until mashed and smooth. 
    • Slowly mix in yogurt and milk to mashed banana. Continue mixing until blended.
    • Next add the cereal. To avoid crushing the cereal, it's best to stir it in by hand.
    • Pour into popsicle molds. I was able to fill 2 8-count popsicle molds with this recipe.
    • Freeze overnight. Enjoy in the morning (or whenever!)

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