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I love to decorate my children's room with wall stickers, wall decals,etc.

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March 24, 2022

Renovate my Little One's Room Wall


Decorating my home has always been something I love, the living room, bedroom, children's room, all worthy of a beautiful arrangement. Many people have headaches with matching, and so do I. I recently renovated our children's room, facing a wall decoration problem, thinking about a long time. After construction was done,  now the whole process could be sent to everyone.

Wall decoration is generally on those kinds of: wall paint, wallpaper, wood board, which are used the most. After the renovation, I started to consider the soft furnishings. You can hang frameless paintings, canvas, posters, wall stickers and so on. Among them, the wall stickers have more patterns and styles. I have a child's bedroom with his own choice of posters.He pastes several posters of his favorite stars,  quite cool. Ha ha. Recently this child's room decoration, I tried the wall stickers.I have to say, these are quite good for me. The advantage of  wall sticker is that the construction is very simple. Unless the kind of very large wall sticker, you need two people. One single person could do the general small wall sticker. Another advantage is that the wall sticker is easy to take down,. It is easy to change to a new style, without nailing the wall, damaging the wall.

This time, I bought wall stickers online which has a variety of styles, and also custom colors and sizes. It is very convenient. I checked several companies and finally chose this HappyWallz wall stickers store. They have online stores all over the world and this company is based in Australia I think. The prices are great, the site is easy to use. There are many colors to choose from, and you can even send a picture and customize a wall sticker yourself, which is great. You can choose from word wall stickers, animal wall stickers, airplane wall stickers, which are suitable for boys; unicorns, flowers, rainbows, which can be chosen for girls' rooms. You can see   my final result, welcome to leave a comment.

Wall stickers are a necessity for general household use and are a small part of life decoration. The main material used for wall stickers is mostly PVC material. It is waterproof and moisture-proof. The general use of wall stickers has very good decorative effect. Wall stickers from an artistic point of view is the art of hollowing out. Currently young people are very fond of decorating their homes with them, very convenient! Wall stickers can be pasted on the wall in the pattern you want. There are many advantages over hand-painted walls. Wall stickers are very suitable for the needs of modern young people's lives, the pursuit of taste and refinement, easy and fast.

We are more familiar with wallpaper, which is a flat repeated pattern composition of a large area of decorative materials. There are a variety of materials and a variety of craft varieties, and there is a mature use of ideas and a wide base of customers using. The pattern of the whole is easy to integrate with the decoration environment, but also lack of individual characteristics. They are suitable for mass decoration style. Wall stickers are a new thing with more patterns. If you do not want them and tear away at will, usually it won't need professional construction.  You can peel and stick all by yourself.

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