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I love to decorate my children's room with wall stickers, wall decals,etc.

How to decorate indoor walls

In interior decoration, the wall is the face of the whole family decoration. There is no right or wrong in any wall decoration, as long as it can meet the overall decoration effect.

Now let's introduce the specific methods of how to decorate the interior wall.

Empty Living room with led tv on brick wall and wooden table

How to decorate home walls

Raw materials / tools


Solvent gasoline

Latex paint


Wall cloth

Method / step

The decoration method generally adopts aluminum board, wood board, plastic board, marble, granite, various color ceramic tiles, glass mirror, mosaic, mosaic, mosaic painting, mural, etc. In terms of pattern color, we should pay attention to the organic balance between richness and vulgarity and visual fatigue. However, most working families use latex paint, wallpaper, wall cloth and other colors for decoration.

Lime whitewash

One kilogram of lime can be applied for about 10 square meters, and about 6 liters of water is needed. The final dilution degree is like soybean milk. Secondly, add an appropriate amount of alum bone glue, so that the wall will not be powdered after drying.

Wall powder painting

Wall powder can be bought in building materials stores. If there is no other demand, it can be directly washed with water and painted. If color matching is needed, it should be noted that blue and green are acidic and easy to be neutralized by alkaline lime. Therefore, color matching and wall brushing should be carried out after half a year.

Wall paint

Wall painting is mainly divided into mixed paint diluted with solvent gasoline or turpentine and the most common emulsion paint diluted with water, but both need to be brushed twice.

Self made pattern wall

If you think the wall is too monotonous, wallpaper is also a good choice. Wallpaper should be familiar to everyone, so it's not mentioned here. As for wallpaper, most people have less contact. The performance of fabric wallpaper is better than paper wallpaper in all aspects, but each has its own advantages. In terms of price, take general wallpaper and wallpaper, and the price difference is about $10 or $20.…

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