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I love to decorate my children's room with wall stickers, wall decals,etc.

Rainbow Table Centerpiece

I love that there are so many rainbow decorations popping up everywhere. It’s like my childhood dreams of growing up to be Rainbow Bright are finally realized! But, I love a good, cheapo DIY even more than a revisit with my kidhood.

And the other day while putting away my daughter’s hair ties and accessories (that were scattered all over the sink like they are every.single.night – sigh), I noticed that her headbands were all bunched together in a pretty way. Which led me to thinking how much it resembled a rainbow. Which led me to imagine how cute it would be surrounded by a bunch of round white clouds. Which led me picturing it sitting all pretty on the dining room table. Which then led me to this project. <— I swear, this is actually how my “artsy-crafty” brain works. It’s kinda scary-ridiculous, I know.

So, I dug out rainbow colored headbands, grabbed a handful of her little teeny tiny black hair ties, a thin wood piece for the base, 2 small corner braces (same ones I used here), my trusty hot glue gun and I got to craftin’!

First I stacked up the headbands in the order I wanted them to be in (ROY-G-BIV – obvs.)

Next I attached them together with the little hair ties.

After attaching the headbands to the corner braces on each side with more hair ties, for additional stability I hot glued each corner brace to the interior bottom of the stack of headbands.

Using a screw driver and a small screw, I attached the brace bottom to the wood base.

Gently pull the headbands apart so they ascend into an arch. Lastly, using different sized white foam and white felt balls, I hot glued them around the base of the braces to create exaggerated, puffy clouds.

Bonus! It even looks good with dinosaurs!!! And I consider that a Win-Win!!!…

DIY Greenhouse

DIY Greenhouse

I have seen so many amazing greenhouses lately. From Pinterest, to my favorite decor magazines, it seems a lot of people are making and designing their own greenhouses. Some are mini versions that sit on your counter while others are huge spaces that resemble glass houses more than plant growing stations. After drooling over so many, I finally decided I needed a greenhouse.

Space is a wee bit tight in these parts (you know, small-ish house with 10 people, 2 dogs, 4 chickens and a bunny…) so I decided to build myself a lil’ one to go in this narrow opening on my back deck. It’s right by the electrical outlet, so I can use special greenhouse lights this winter to keep my plants alive and thriving through the colder months without having to move them inside and take up a lot of our indoor living space. And come spring, I can finally start my own veggies for the garden!

I made this matching awning and greenhouse entirely with scrap wood from our workshop, an old window and a few slate roof pieces I was gifted from a house built in 1907. I started by lining up what wood pieces I had by size. After figuring out which ones would work the best for the frames, I started building. It took a good week from start to finish (these kids apparently need fed 3x a day and I seem to be the only one knowledgeable in the craft of clothes washing), but the end result is even better than I imagined. My favorite feature is the greenhouse door. I really wanted something unique and different. A ‘Statement’ door. I attached this cool piece of art I had picked up at the Goodwill a handful of years ago using a few vintage hinges from the workshop.

This Little Black Greenhouse and awning of mine is proof that you can build anything you put your mind to. And you can do it as inexpensively as necessary. Plus, it’s always so fun to upcycle a good piece of art!

To see more of my Greenhouse, join me on Instagram!…


Christmas is right around the corner and my itch to start decorating my home is becoming more of a jolly, red, green and white rash. I can’t wait to deck the halls and make our spaces joyful. One of my most favorite parts of the entire Christmas season is all the lights. Houses, business and town gazebos lit up and sparkling, trees glowing in the night and icicle lights adorning front porches. Even though it’s cold and snowy, all the twinkling and shining just makes me feel warm and aglow. This Merry and Bright Marquee sign is perfect for any light-loving kindred spirit and will certainly put you in a wonderfully cheerful mood!

  • Step 1: Paint Plaque White

Spray paint the painter’s plaque white outside or in a well-ventilated space.

  • Step 2: Tape the Edges

After the paint has dried, you will need to use painters’ tape around the top edge to keep it clean for the next step.

  • Step 3: Add Glue

Using a decoupage medium and a foam brush, apply a coat of glue along the side of the plaque.

  • Step 4: Glitter Up the Sides

Making sure the plaque is over a tray or plate, sprinkle the glitter onto the wet side.

Continue working around the plaque, brushing on the glue and shaking on the glitter one side at a time.

Set to the plaque off to the side to dry.

Don’t forget to dump your extra glue on the tray back into your bottle!

  • Step 5: Paint the Letters

With a gold sparkle spray paint, paint the front of each letter spelling out “MERRY & BRIGHT” outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. You could also use acrylic paint in place of the spray paint if you prefer.

Allow to fully dry.

  • Step 6: Mark the Letters

Turning the letters over, mark where the holes for each bulb will go on the back of the letter using a black marker. Make sure you know how many bulbs are on your battery-operated strand beforehand so that you make the correct number of holes in each letter.

When making your holes, keep in mind the letters are thin wood that may split easily and staying in the center of each letter will prevent this.

  • Step 6.5: Drill the Holes

Using the Maker X Rotary Tool with the 1/8” drill bit, drill through each black dot on the back of your letters.

  • Step 7: Mark the Lines

With a ruler and a pencil, lightly mark a line 2” down from the top (for MERRY) and ½” up from the bottom (for BRIGHT) to use as a template for applying the letters.

The line will help you keep your words straight.

  • Step 8: Hot Glue the Letters

Hot glue MERRY & BRIGHT onto the plaque, making sure not to cover up the holes. (If you do accidently cover the holes with glue, don’t panic! You will wind up drilling through it anyway in the next step.)

  • Step 9: Drill the Plaque

Now that your letters are glued in place, it’s time to use the Rotary Tool again to drill through to the back of the plaque.

  • Step 10: Erase

Erase any pencil lines you can see.

  • Step 11: Velcro Battery Pack

With a 2” strip of sticky velcro, attach the battery pack to the back of the painter’s plaque in the opening of the frame.

  • Step 12: Insert Lights

Insert one miniature bulb through each hole, working slowly up and down the letters.

If you notice the lights pulling out of the holes in the back, a small piece of duct tape will help hold the pesky wires in place.

  • Step 13: Hot Glue Snowballs

For a finishing touch, take 5” white pom-pom balls and hot glue them randomly across the front of the marquee sign to give it a snowy look.

You can also open this video to check out super simple Merry and Bright Wooden Sign made from dollar tree items! The best part, once you make the DIY farmhouse sign frame, you can easily switch out the wooden saying and canvas for each holiday!! Go grab your supplies today so you can decorate for Christmas on a budget!

Homemade Mosquito Repellent

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always disliked spraying my kids with drugstore mosquito repellent products. When I read the label, I feel like they’re full of unknown crap and the over the counter sprays tend to leave their skin feeling sticky and gross. Not a good combination of feelings on hot summer nights.

I decided to try my own hand at a more natural, homemade option.
Now, I should definitely disclose that I don’t normally use essential oils for anything in my home other than to put in my cute lil’ diffuser that I absolutely love as a “cover up the baby poop smell” air freshener. That’s it. I’m not rollin’ it on my armpits or behind my ears or any other place that may be unmentionable. I purchased a set of 6 cheapo oils on Amazon for like $9 to use in said diffuser. This was literally the only time I’ve bought and used essential oils for any purpose.

  • I’ll definitely be using them a bit more now when I need to make a new batch of this mosquito repellent, though. Most of the oils in the recipe are fairly common to come across. I’ve seen them at the grocery store and at most drug stores. I did need to order the citronella oil online as that was the only ingredient I didn’t have on hand. (Yes, that absolutely means I had a huge bottle of vodka in our garage fridge. Don’t judge me, Karen. Sometimes alcohol makes me a better mother…)
  • I promise you that this DIY Bug & Mosquito Repellent is clean, fresh and doesn’t leave an oily residue. Plus, you can make it in under 5 minutes (and it’s cheap to make – once you buy the initial supplies, you have plenty to make many additional batches!)

Homemade Mosquito Repellent Spray
Print Recipe
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1/2 cup water
1/2 cup Witch Hazel
1 tbsp rubbing alcohol or vodka
30 drops Citronella essential oil
30 drops Lemongrass essential oil
20 drops Lavender essential oil
20 drops Tea Tree essential oil
20 drops Eucalyptus essential oil
10 drops Peppermint essential oil
*the essential oil amounts and types you use are really up to you. I personally love the smell of the spray with all of the listed oils together. But, if one or two of these oils aren’t exactly your cup o’tea, just omit them (with the exception of the Citronella as it’s the main ingredient to deterring those pesky blood suckers.)…

Shirt Folding Tool

Tools / Ingredients
Method / Step

First, turn the shirt to the reverse side and place the magazine at the collar

How to fold the shirt easily and quickly?
Fold the sleeves of the shirt according to the edge of the magazine

How to fold the shirt quickly and easily?

Fold the lower part of the shirt upwards

How to fold a shirt quickly and easily?

After folding the shirt, turn it to the front and pull out the magazine, so that the shirt is folded quickly.

DIY babys’s own Notebook.

Marine likes to make some lovely daily necessities by herself. DIY may not look as good as what you buy, but it is absolutely practical, durable, personalized and creative. Next, marine shares how to make her own notebook.

This took 10 minutes, was entirely no charge for

Preparation . we have prepared beauty and labor tools for making small books: paper, pen and ruler, pigment, scissors, needle and thread (sewing book). How to decorate the little book? We can choose two pictures that are suitable for ourselves, paint them and paste them on the cover and back cover.

Fold all the colored paper as the inner page in half, put it into the shape of a book, and measure the extra width l with a ruler.

Draw the length and width on the cardboard and cut it off as the cover. Wait a minute.

Sewing book in order to better sew the book, we found two clips to fix the small book. Then determine the position of the suture.

we also draw the drawing paper on the line. Drawing skills: draw the outline first, and then draw after the proportion is right. Slow down the details: such as the hands of characters, ice cream and melted chocolate.

Cut the picture and flatten the pencil. After drawing, we color, cut it and flatten the picture with books.

After the pasted picture is flattened (about 20 minutes), we apply glue on the back and stick it to the front and back cover. After the glue is applied, there must be more or less. We can scrape the glue with cardboard. Well, it's done! Make this beautiful and practical book! Take it to remember something: English words, pocket money, phone numbers of relatives and friends.…

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