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How to choose tree wall decals for nursery

If you're decorating your baby's nursery then you may be overwhelmed with ideas. You can choose a theme such as pink, rainbows, or animals or you can choose to keep it more neutral with a nature theme. Tree decals are one of the best and easiest ways to decorate a nursery so here we'll give you some tips on how to choose the best ones.

Decide on your theme

Once you have chosen to include tree wall decals in your nursery decorations you will also want to consider the colors and style of the decal. Are you going for a fairy-themed tree, a realistic tree, or a cartoon-style tree? If you have other decals, paints or decorations then make sure your tree decal fits your theme.

Choose the correct size

There's nothing worse than ordering the wrong size! Make sure that you decide where you want your tree wall stickers to go before measuring. This will ensure that it fits perfectly and will save you a lot of time and hassle trying to make the decal smaller or fit correctly onto your wall. If are not sure which size to choose, you could have a look at this shop to customize the suitable size to choose the best tree wall decals for your nursery.

Pick your budget

Decals can range in price from very affordable to very pricey so it is worth knowing exactly how much you are willing to spend on decorating your baby's nursery. Keep in mind that you will also need to spend money on other decorations, paint, a crib, dressers etc. 

It may be good to start your budget with bigger and more expensive items so that you know how much you can afford to spend on decorating. This may also influence your choice in the size of the decal as well as the amount of detail on it.

Work out your design

In the case of tree wall decals, it is possible to opt for only one, especially if you choose a larger design that branches out to take up more space. However, it is also possible to opt for smaller, slimmer tree decals. In this case, you may want to have several lined up on your nursery wall.

Make sure that you order the correct amount by choosing how far apart you want to space them (making sure to double-check the measurements of the decals). The last thing you will want after spending so much time decorating your baby's nursery is to be one decal short of the perfect decoration!…


Wall stickers are a necessity for general household use and are a small part of life decoration. The main material used for wall stickers is mostly PVC material. It is waterproof and moisture-proof. These functions work best when using the stickers in the nursery or kids room. Children like playing with water and draw everywhere. The stickers are easy to clean with cloth. The general use of wall stickers has very good decorative effect. Wall stickers from an artistic point of view is the art of hollowing out. Currently young people are very fond of decorating their homes with them, very convenient! Wall stickers can be pasted on the wall in the pattern you want. There are many advantages over hand-painted walls. Wall stickers are very suitable for the needs of modern young people's lives, the pursuit of taste and refinement, easy and fast.

We are more familiar with wallpaper, which is a flat repeated pattern composition of a large area of decorative materials. There are a variety of materials and a variety of craft varieties, and there is a mature use of ideas and a wide base of customers using. The pattern of the whole is easy to integrate with the decoration environment, but also lack of individual characteristics. They are suitable for mass decoration style. Wall stickers are a new thing with more patterns. If you do not want them and tear away at will, usually it won't need professional construction.  You can peel and stick all by yourself.

- The company

Check to see how to install a wall decal

Benefits of an Authorized Wall Decals Dealer

There are many benefits of an authorized wall decals dealer. They provide you with quality wall decals at reasonable prices. A quality dealer can make your murals or stickers look amazing. The decals are printed in full color with fade-resistant ink. You can purchase decals in single colors or complex vector images. The prices of wall decals depend on size and quantity. Some dealers offer free design services for their customers.

lifetime warranty on the wall decals

Besides being easy to install, peel-and-stick products have a lifetime warranty. They are repositionable, so you can change the design at anytime. These products come in a wide variety of designs and can be applied to many surfaces including mirrors, laptops, and file cabinets. They also look great on windows and ceilings. There are no adhesives required, so you can rest assured that you will get high-quality decals.

Depending on the material, vinyl wall decals may be applied to smooth surfaces or on textured surfaces. While wallpaper can be very smooth, it might not be the best choice for wall decals, which can peel off the wallpaper if applied incorrectly. If you do want to use vinyl wall decals, make sure the surface is smooth and non-porous. Also, avoid applying vinyl wall decals on highly textured surfaces or on paints with additives. Moreover, use matte-finish paints instead of high-gloss finish.

Contemporary residential home bathroom interior in sunlight

removable decals and no harm to the walls

If you're using a removable wall decal, you can easily clean it by rubbing the adhesive with a damp rag. Make sure to use lint-free rags for this purpose. The tackiness of the adhesive will wear down over time. However, be sure not to touch the adhesive with your hands, as debris from your hands and room will affect the tackiness of the decals.

A great way to add a touch of modern decor to your home is with wall decals. StickerYou's sticker maker allows you to add text and art to your decal, and even change the color of the stickers. Custom wall decals are an ideal option for office walls, business walls, and home decor. With custom designs, you can change the size and color without having to worry about them being damaged.

Boys blue Bedroom

high-quality wall stickers

Before ordering removable wall decals, you should consider the size and material of the wall that you'll be covering. Ensure that the design is high-quality and is approved by the manufacturer. Also, make sure that the adhesive is removable. Quality removable wall decals should not bond to the wall and have a growing agent. You should consider the material and adhesive when selecting decals. A quality removable wall decal will be durable and resist wear and tear.…

How to decorate indoor walls

In interior decoration, the wall is the face of the whole family decoration. There is no right or wrong in any wall decoration, as long as it can meet the overall decoration effect.

Now let's introduce the specific methods of how to decorate the interior wall.

Empty Living room with led tv on brick wall and wooden table

How to decorate home walls

Raw materials / tools


Solvent gasoline

Latex paint


Wall cloth

Method / step

The decoration method generally adopts aluminum board, wood board, plastic board, marble, granite, various color ceramic tiles, glass mirror, mosaic, mosaic, mosaic painting, mural, etc. In terms of pattern color, we should pay attention to the organic balance between richness and vulgarity and visual fatigue. However, most working families use latex paint, wallpaper, wall cloth and other colors for decoration.

Lime whitewash

One kilogram of lime can be applied for about 10 square meters, and about 6 liters of water is needed. The final dilution degree is like soybean milk. Secondly, add an appropriate amount of alum bone glue, so that the wall will not be powdered after drying.

Wall powder painting

Wall powder can be bought in building materials stores. If there is no other demand, it can be directly washed with water and painted. If color matching is needed, it should be noted that blue and green are acidic and easy to be neutralized by alkaline lime. Therefore, color matching and wall brushing should be carried out after half a year.

Wall paint

Wall painting is mainly divided into mixed paint diluted with solvent gasoline or turpentine and the most common emulsion paint diluted with water, but both need to be brushed twice.

Self made pattern wall

If you think the wall is too monotonous, wallpaper is also a good choice. Wallpaper should be familiar to everyone, so it's not mentioned here. As for wallpaper, most people have less contact. The performance of fabric wallpaper is better than paper wallpaper in all aspects, but each has its own advantages. In terms of price, take general wallpaper and wallpaper, and the price difference is about $10 or $20.…

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