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Cup Tray

cup tray

There’s nothing better than spending the long days of summer with my kiddos. I love it when they’re home.

Any breaks or days off we can get together are the best! Snow days? I think I’m more excited than they are! Summer? I squeal with delight!

But, along with my kids being home, it also means more of a mess for me! I find myself constantly cleaning. Picking up the floor, wiping off counters. Laundry on top of laundry.

But, my summer Archnemesis?!?


Cups of all kinds. Plastic. Glass. Metal. Tumblers. Jars. Sippy Cups. Mugs. All over my kitchen. Everywhere.

Like a broken record, I would ask every day: “Whose cup is this?” “Which one’s yours?” “Where’s the one you had last time?” “Why are there so many cups?” “Is anyone listening to me?” “Clean up these cups!”

And everytime the answer would be: “I don’t remember.” “I’m not sure which one’s mine.” “They took mine.” “None of them are mine.” “I need a new cup!”.

So, instead of losing my mind daily over Disney-themed plastic cups, I created this Cup Tray to alleviate any confusion and knock our dishwasher capacity down a bit.

Summer Game-Changer folks!

Your cup on your number alllllll day!

And oh, of course, I had to give it a farmhouse feel. It wouldn’t match my kitchen if I didn’t!

It really was a simple DIY, too. I used an extra wood board from my workshop. Drilling holes in each corner, I attached sisal rope end-to-end to serve as handles. Using a mason jar, I traced the circles. I then painted the circles and numbers with a paint pen (but even a Sharpie Marker would work!) Lastly, I sprayed a thin layer of polyurethane to protect the wood and paint.

TaDa! Goodbye 200 gazillion cups, hellllllo clean kitchen!

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