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DIY Greenhouse

DIY Greenhouse

I have seen so many amazing greenhouses lately. From Pinterest, to my favorite decor magazines, it seems a lot of people are making and designing their own greenhouses. Some are mini versions that sit on your counter while others are huge spaces that resemble glass houses more than plant growing stations. After drooling over so many, I finally decided I needed a greenhouse.

Space is a wee bit tight in these parts (you know, small-ish house with 10 people, 2 dogs, 4 chickens and a bunny…) so I decided to build myself a lil’ one to go in this narrow opening on my back deck. It’s right by the electrical outlet, so I can use special greenhouse lights this winter to keep my plants alive and thriving through the colder months without having to move them inside and take up a lot of our indoor living space. And come spring, I can finally start my own veggies for the garden!

I made this matching awning and greenhouse entirely with scrap wood from our workshop, an old window and a few slate roof pieces I was gifted from a house built in 1907. I started by lining up what wood pieces I had by size. After figuring out which ones would work the best for the frames, I started building. It took a good week from start to finish (these kids apparently need fed 3x a day and I seem to be the only one knowledgeable in the craft of clothes washing), but the end result is even better than I imagined. My favorite feature is the greenhouse door. I really wanted something unique and different. A ‘Statement’ door. I attached this cool piece of art I had picked up at the Goodwill a handful of years ago using a few vintage hinges from the workshop.

This Little Black Greenhouse and awning of mine is proof that you can build anything you put your mind to. And you can do it as inexpensively as necessary. Plus, it’s always so fun to upcycle a good piece of art!

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