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Farmhouse Kitchen Awning

Farmhouse Kitchen

Easy and Inexpensive DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Awning

I made these DIY awnings for my farmhouse kitchen for over the windows, but really they would be great anywhere –
playroom, bedroom, etc.

farmhouse kitchen awning

I started with 2 of these crazy inexpensive shelving support brackets. I found mine at the ReStore, but you can get a pack of 2 for under $6 at Home Depot. You will need 2 for each awning.

farmhouse kitchen awning

The bent end piece (the left end of the bracket in this picture) is what I used to attach the awning to the wall. It lets the awning hang at the perfect angle!

farmhouse kitchen awning

We had some extra pieces of white vinyl soffit left over from our front porch project, but it’s inexpensive to buy new at Home Depot (stock photo). I chose to use these because I really wanted the awnings to be lightweight and they were already the perfect width. I cut them lengthwise easily with a sharp utility knife.

farmhouse kitchen awning

Because I was going for a Rustic/Farmhouse feel, I used some old screws and a few pieces of old fence post wood roughly painted white (just make sure you are using lightweight wood) and cut to size for the top and bottom of the awning.

farmhouse kitchen awning

This is the underside of the awning (the picture was taken underneath).

I screwed straight through the bracket and into the soffit as well as through the old wood pieces and the bracket.
In an attempt to save money, I used screws I already had so they were a bit too long for my project.
But, you can’t even tell that they stick out once the awning was hung as they stick out on the underside.

farmhouse kitchen awning

The old fence pieces help cover up the bracket piece attached to the wall as well as the bracket portion left in front of the soffit piece that was still visible.
I just love the Farmhouse Style they bring to my kitchen! Don’t you?
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You can also find my complete tutorial for these Farmhouse Style Awnings on my Hometalk Page – Here!
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