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I am a bit of a Christmas fanatic  (okay. A LOT of a Christmas fanatic!). There’s just something about the season. The songs, the shows, the books and stories. Peace on Earth, goodwill towards men and giving to others. It’s an absolutely magical time of year. And each December, I gift my children with their own Winter Wonderland of sorts. My home is decked out and fully trimmed with the Christmas spirit. Plus, there are lots and lots of COOKIES!

But what my children love most of all about our holiday home is that almost all of our decorations were semi or fully handmade.

And handmade is the best type of ‘made’, if you ask me.

So, I am sharing some ideas to personalize and create a unique Christmas for your family and loved ones (all while saving some major Reindeer Bucks!)

Mercury Glass Ornaments

These babies are like a good spray tan. A bit fake but a whole ‘lotta pretty.

This is such an  inexpensive way to add this trendy and pricey look to your holiday!

Simply spray equal parts vinegar and water (1:1 ratio) onto a clear glass ornament bulb. A few squirts should do the trick.

While still wet, use a light coat of Looking Glass spray paint on top.

Allow the paint to dry fully and proudly accessorize your tree with these babies like you just spent BIG MONEY!

Picture Ornaments

Go ahead, put your face on it!

These personalized pieces bring a natural element to your Christmas tree and only take a few supplies.

The wood ornaments can be made using cut branch pieces with a hole drilled through the top or inexpensively purchased pre-cut at the craft store.

Print a black and white picture of your choice from your computer onto regular printer paper (make sure to match the size of your picture to the size of the wood piece before printing).

Using a bit of ModPodge (found at any craft store or big box store with a crafting section) and a foam brush, apply a thin layer to the wood.

Next, take your cut out picture and place it on top of the ModPodged wood. Add another light layer of ModPodge on top of the picture and let dry – Don’t panic! The ModPodge will look cloudy at first. But, as it dries, it clears up. It’s like a Christmas Miracle!

A coat of water-based polyurethane on top after the ModPodge is completely dry is an optional step to ensure the longevity of your ornament.

Sticker Ornament

Stick a sticker on it for stickers-sake!

Grab a box of clear, glass ornament bulbs.

Take a sticker of your choice – numbers, letters, names, initials, dates, poop emojis – whatevs.

Make sure the sticker is pressed on completely and there’s no curling edges. Take a craft paint color of your choice, and using light coats, paint your bulb (on top of the sticker as well) with a foam brush.

Once fully dried, slowly peel up your sticker.

Add a small, cut piece of dark-colored paper or fill the bulb with shredded paper to really make your sticker outline stand out.

Flocked Tree

What the FLOCK?

I for one, luuuuuuurve me some flocked trees. But, man oh man, they are a bit more moolah than I prefer to spend. Especially when “some” in my home (ahem: EDWARD) think we already have too many Christmas trees – I mean, is that even a thing?! I think not.

So, grab yourself a cheapo Christmas tree from the Goodwill, your local second-hand store, FB Marketplace or your Grandma’s attic and make your own.

All it takes is a can of fake snow and a box of baking soda or cornstarch.

Spray your tree with a coating of spray  snow and while wet, sprinkle soda or starch all around tree branches until it’s fully flocked to your flocked desire. Dry time is kinda long. So be patient. Once dried, give your tree a good upside-down shake to remove the really loose pieces.

FYI – this is messy. Like, really, really messy!  From start to finish and everything in between, this is messy. But, so is any flocked tree.

It’s a commitment to the faux snow you must make, my friends.

Did I mention it’s rather messy?!

Tree Stands & Bases

“Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree. Your stand is soooooooo ugly.”

But I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be this way! You can love your tree from top to glorious bottom by getting a bit creative.

Using a lampshade, a basket, a large tin can, or whatever else you can scrounge up, you can make a beautiful base for your tree.

“Cause you know I’m all about that base, ’bout that base…”

Live Boxwood Wreaths

Boxwood wreaths are so popular right now. I adore them as much as the next crazy Christmas Lady, but have you ever priced out a boxwood wreath? Don’t. Just don’t. Trust me. It’s not good for your thrifty heart. 

So, of course, I have a solution! If you don’t have a boxwood bush in your yard, I am sure one of your friendly neighbors do. Ask for a few clippings (or wait until it’s dark and “accidentally” break a handful of twigs off their boxwood) Okay, obviously I am just joking about that suggestion…sort of….

Anywho, take your fresh clippings and attach them to a wire wreath frame or a grapevine wreath using twist ties or craft wire. Add a ribbon bow or a piece of burlap and VOILA you just pretty much became a professional florist.

Just remember to spray your wreath with a bit of water once a day to help keep it fresh. It will dry out and eventually not be as green, but it should keep for the Christmas season!

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