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How to choose tree wall decals for nursery

If you're decorating your baby's nursery then you may be overwhelmed with ideas. You can choose a theme such as pink, rainbows, or animals or you can choose to keep it more neutral with a nature theme. Tree decals are one of the best and easiest ways to decorate a nursery so here we'll give you some tips on how to choose the best ones.

Decide on your theme

Once you have chosen to include tree wall decals in your nursery decorations you will also want to consider the colors and style of the decal. Are you going for a fairy-themed tree, a realistic tree, or a cartoon-style tree? If you have other decals, paints or decorations then make sure your tree decal fits your theme.

Choose the correct size

There's nothing worse than ordering the wrong size! Make sure that you decide where you want your tree wall stickers to go before measuring. This will ensure that it fits perfectly and will save you a lot of time and hassle trying to make the decal smaller or fit correctly onto your wall. If are not sure which size to choose, you could have a look at this shop to customize the suitable size to choose the best tree wall decals for your nursery.

Pick your budget

Decals can range in price from very affordable to very pricey so it is worth knowing exactly how much you are willing to spend on decorating your baby's nursery. Keep in mind that you will also need to spend money on other decorations, paint, a crib, dressers etc. 

It may be good to start your budget with bigger and more expensive items so that you know how much you can afford to spend on decorating. This may also influence your choice in the size of the decal as well as the amount of detail on it.

Work out your design

In the case of tree wall decals, it is possible to opt for only one, especially if you choose a larger design that branches out to take up more space. However, it is also possible to opt for smaller, slimmer tree decals. In this case, you may want to have several lined up on your nursery wall.

Make sure that you order the correct amount by choosing how far apart you want to space them (making sure to double-check the measurements of the decals). The last thing you will want after spending so much time decorating your baby's nursery is to be one decal short of the perfect decoration!

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