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DIY babys’s own Notebook.

Marine likes to make some lovely daily necessities by herself. DIY may not look as good as what you buy, but it is absolutely practical, durable, personalized and creative. Next, marine shares how to make her own notebook.

This took 10 minutes, was entirely no charge for

Preparation . we have prepared beauty and labor tools for making small books: paper, pen and ruler, pigment, scissors, needle and thread (sewing book). How to decorate the little book? We can choose two pictures that are suitable for ourselves, paint them and paste them on the cover and back cover.

Fold all the colored paper as the inner page in half, put it into the shape of a book, and measure the extra width l with a ruler.

Draw the length and width on the cardboard and cut it off as the cover. Wait a minute.

Sewing book in order to better sew the book, we found two clips to fix the small book. Then determine the position of the suture.

we also draw the drawing paper on the line. Drawing skills: draw the outline first, and then draw after the proportion is right. Slow down the details: such as the hands of characters, ice cream and melted chocolate.

Cut the picture and flatten the pencil. After drawing, we color, cut it and flatten the picture with books.

After the pasted picture is flattened (about 20 minutes), we apply glue on the back and stick it to the front and back cover. After the glue is applied, there must be more or less. We can scrape the glue with cardboard. Well, it's done! Make this beautiful and practical book! Take it to remember something: English words, pocket money, phone numbers of relatives and friends.

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