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Narnia Library Ladder

DIY Library Ladder

I have a confession. I’m a literary nerd. Seriously. Give me alllllll the books. Classics? Absolutely. Jane Austen? 100% (a gazillion%) YES! Children’s? Young Adult? Ummm. Of course! They are also my decor inspiration. I like to think of our spaces in comparison to some favorites. I dream of my garden being admirable to Peter Rabbit. My kids reading nook is referred to as our Neverland Corner. Now, with the addition of our library ladder and lanterns, I am feeling some major Narnia vibes in here.
There’s something so whimsical and enchanting when your home reminds you of beloved imaginary places. And this new library ladder makes me feel so “grown up”.

I have always wanted a ladder that glides across our bookshelves. When I found this vintage ladder, I knew exactly what I could do with it!

With paint, a ladder, a few L brackets, one 2×4, gate hinges, plumbing supplies, a set of furniture wheels and genuine leather straps, I created a new take on this old classic.

After putting a coat of paint on the ladder and wood pieces, I attached the wheels to the ladder. The 2×4 is to add extra support. The bookshelf is solid wood, but not very thick. I just wanted to ensure longevity. I attached the 2×4 with L Brackets as well as screws running from wood to wood.

After assembling the plumbing pieces (I chose to use 3/4″) and attaching one side to the 2×4, I added the steel bar and second flange with the help of one of my older kiddos.

The gate hinges were both a decorative touch as well as a security measure (again, thin shelves).

With the help of another one of my littles, we propped the ladder to the desired height and screwed the leather straps into place.

A bit of leather conditioner on the underside of the straps and voila! It slides to and fro smoothly and easily. And it’s so fun and magical!

The best part is that my kids seem to love it as much as I do!


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