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I love to decorate my children's room with wall stickers, wall decals,etc.

Shirt Folding Tool

Tools / Ingredients
Method / Step

First, turn the shirt to the reverse side and place the magazine at the collar

How to fold the shirt easily and quickly?
Fold the sleeves of the shirt according to the edge of the magazine

How to fold the shirt quickly and easily?

Fold the lower part of the shirt upwards

How to fold a shirt quickly and easily?

After folding the shirt, turn it to the front and pull out the magazine, so that the shirt is folded quickly.

Spread the Happy Not the Virus

COVID-19 is more serious than common cold and flu. When novel coronavirus pneumonia is actively resisted by all the people, parents must not neglect the cold.

Although COVID-19 is terrible, don't drop the cold prevention.

Colds are classified into common cold and influenza.

The common cold is dominated by local respiratory symptoms such as runny nose, stuffy nose, sneezing and sore throat, with mild systemic symptoms and few complications.

Rhinovirus and coronavirus were the main infections; In addition to the common cold symptoms, influenza can also be accompanied by fever, body aches and other symptoms. The systemic symptoms are severe and can be combined with serious complications (pneumonia, otitis media, myocarditis, etc.).

Most of them are influenza A and B infections.

Although COVID-19 is terrible, don't drop the cold prevention.

DIY babys’s own Notebook.

Marine likes to make some lovely daily necessities by herself. DIY may not look as good as what you buy, but it is absolutely practical, durable, personalized and creative. Next, marine shares how to make her own notebook.

This took 10 minutes, was entirely no charge for

Preparation . we have prepared beauty and labor tools for making small books: paper, pen and ruler, pigment, scissors, needle and thread (sewing book). How to decorate the little book? We can choose two pictures that are suitable for ourselves, paint them and paste them on the cover and back cover.

Fold all the colored paper as the inner page in half, put it into the shape of a book, and measure the extra width l with a ruler.

Draw the length and width on the cardboard and cut it off as the cover. Wait a minute.

Sewing book in order to better sew the book, we found two clips to fix the small book. Then determine the position of the suture.

we also draw the drawing paper on the line. Drawing skills: draw the outline first, and then draw after the proportion is right. Slow down the details: such as the hands of characters, ice cream and melted chocolate.

Cut the picture and flatten the pencil. After drawing, we color, cut it and flatten the picture with books.

After the pasted picture is flattened (about 20 minutes), we apply glue on the back and stick it to the front and back cover. After the glue is applied, there must be more or less. We can scrape the glue with cardboard. Well, it's done! Make this beautiful and practical book! Take it to remember something: English words, pocket money, phone numbers of relatives and friends.…

Kids’ Storage Solution Inovation

A lot of days my residence appears to like the Crayola Pastel Manufacturing facility on my dining table. This is my very straightforward service.

This took 10 minutes, was entirely no charge for me and also resolved the 'unpleasant tinting materials around my table every one of the moment' concern

In actual life, it would certainly be insane disorder on this table. Significant pastel carnage, individuals!

These specific trays are attaching. Which was ideal-- I recognized the steel tabs would certainly be suitable for connecting them to the table.

The washing machines hold the screws in position and also maintain them from experiencing the tab.

I removed these 2 steel trays from my heap of office supplies in the cellar.

You might require a hand holding the trays up while you affix the initial screw. I recommend obtaining a cute assistant ❤.

Good storage methods save the world and make a organised life.…

Perfect Playing house for Children

After a long searching, I found some old plastic play house as well as new ones online.

Some houses are too small and not suitable for my kids. And some are ugly. You can just peel some stickers to improve it.

And a few play house are just good girls. if this home isn't suitable for a "Princess Fairy Siren Queen", I sure do not understand what is!

Another princess play house

Timber Spoon

The exterior was repainted white, yet I determined to use some more eco-friendly.

A play house with lights

Although your house is plastic, I discovered connecting products with a staple weapon .

Nice Gift Jar

You can provide somebody the present of a large ol' fruit basket. Well, perhaps they would certainly like it-- or, you might offer them the present of an outstanding Sangria Jar, complete of scrumptious fruit and also red wine. And also they would completely crown you the "Ideal Present Provider Ever Before In the long history" …

I guess, I recognize this kind of individuals I like to be good friends with!!

Glass Dispenser Container-- mine were acquired online.

Timber Spoon

A little jar/can of cranberry juice or orange juice (optional).

A glass of wine

If you come to my house carrying a cute beverage dispenser with all the required components to make a homemade Sangria, you may also twist up buttercup since you will be my Friend Forevah!…

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