Spring Boot Tray

This is one of those “So crazy easy & so crazy adorable why didn’t I think of this sooner” DIY’s. You know exactly what I’m talking about! I know you do!

Spring is so amazingly refreshing. It’s also so amazingly MUDDY! My kids love to stomp around in puddles, make mud pie & hang out in the chicken coop in the Spring. And with all of those super fun activities, comes SO.MUCH.DIRT on the front porch, on the back porch, in the garage, in the sunroom…everywhere!

I typically place a few boot trays or cheapo rugs in our main entryways to give the kids (and the husband) a place to kick off their muddy stuff before coming in. It’s a great idea, but the reality is the boots and shoes wind up around the tray, not normally on it. Oh well, a girl can wish.

Maybe though. Just maybe, they might start actually using the tray if it’s adorable?! Probably not, but at least I have something that makes me smile while I am cleaning up after my kids everyday and doing things that do not make me smile…#brightside

If you don’t already have one, the plastic boot trays are under $5 and can be found at practically any big box store. This time of year, you can find the artificial grass practically anywhere as well. I wanted a larger roll (I have a few other DIY’s in mind) so it made sense for me to purchase the larger rug roll (a 6×8 for around $20). I found mine in store at Home Depot. But they come in varying sizes depending on where you look so you don’t necessarily have to go this big. These and a pair of sharp scissors or box cutters and a sharpie are all you will need for this! I did make mine 2 layers of grass to fill up the tray to my liking, but this is totally optional, of course.

The tray was cute as is filled with the grass, but I chose to add a sign to the tray to make it a decor piece as well as a boot tray. I grabbed a small art canvas from my workshop (these are at the Dollar Tree for, you guessed it, a dollar!), found a big stick in the backyard, grabbed a roll of duct tape (nothin’ fancy here) and the black Sharpie from earlier to make my “Keep ON the Grass” sign. Again, easy and quick. The white decorative metal fence piece can be purchased at Home Depot as well in individual pieces. Yup. I’m the weird lady that buys ONE small fence piece for decor.

I love things around the house that serve a purpose but are adorable to look at, don’t you?

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