Succulent Letter

What is it about succulents that have us all so enthralled? So many varieties. So many textures. I just adore them. Live succulents are easy to care for and are just so gosh darn hard to kill! I mean, faux succulents are even harder to kill…so, either fresh or faux succulents are fantabulous!

Have you visited your local greenhouse lately? It is an amazing place to go when you are feeling those winter blues and need some green in your life. I picked up a bunch of mini succulents on my last trip to the greenhouse. I have a made a few projects with them so far (you can see them here, here and here). This one was seriously so stinking fast to put together. I literally started and finished it (clean up and all) entirely during my little guys nap time.

Here’s what you need: large paper mache box letter, garden clips, sphagnum moss, plastic of some sort (to line inside of the letter), and burlap rope ribbon. You will also need a box cutter, hot glue gun and a pair of scissors.

Take the letter and cut off the top with the box cutter. Try to cut it in one piece. I took the top “G” piece I removed and hot glued it to the bottom for a bit of added support.

You will need plastic to line the inside of your box letter. I had garden plastic left over from my DIY Greenhouse. But, really any plastic will do. Heck, even plastic grocery bags or kitchen trash bags will work! I added hot glue along the inside wall of the “G” to keep the plastic in place.

Now, take your sphagnum moss and put it in a bowl of water. Toss it around a bit until it’s soaking wet. Squeeze out as much water as you can and start stuffing your letter. Pack it in there tight but make sure your plastic doesn’t slide down. You want the bottom and walls lined to keep the moisture from affecting the paper material. Once your letter is stuffed like a turkey, trim off any excess plastic around the top.

Remember that cool burlap rope ribbon? You will use it to cover the surface of your moss. This will help keep your moss from falling out if your letter is vertical. A bit of hot glue will help keep this in place too. Or, if you like livin’ on the edge like I do, just tuck that sucker in along the sides between the moss and the plastic liner and call it a day.

Now’s the fun part! Using your trusty index finger, make a hole through the moss and place your rooted succulent into the hole. *Tap as much dirt off the roots as you can before planting* You will want to secure each succy baby in the moss with a garden clip (or even paper clips bent out of shape a bit will work – use what you’ve got!)

I wanted to leave a little room for growth and a little room to see the moss. I think the exposed moss gives it a real natural and not-so-perfect look (kinda like me).

I would advise against hanging this particular planter. It is designed more as a table centerpiece or propped up like a picture frame. For easy watering, simply spray the succulents using a spray bottle about once a week.

If you try your hand at a Succulent Letter, or any of my other DIY’s, I wanna see! Share your pics with me! [email protected]
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